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   Taco Taco
Taco Taco is a simple mexican restaurant which is at the bottom of veggie hill on the street which leads toward Itaewon. They have quesadillas, burritos, fajitas and Nachos. You can have your choice of meat (chicken, beef) added into the entrees. The food isn't bad and the prices are even better. The atmosphere is colorful and lively. A lot of English teachers and backpackers frequent the place and it`s a good place to sit down and watch the world go by. $
   Cafe T8
At Noksapyong station near Iteawon Dong, a crop of good budget eateries have suddenly sprung up. One of the most stylish is a café called T8. T8 is in a small alley between `Veggie Hill` and Itaewon. The atmosphere feels very European with ití»s outdoor wooden chairs and ití»s bright façade. Inside, the walls are painted celadon green. The ceilings are high and the atmosphere is chic, cozy and comfortable. At T8, you can check your e-mail and enjoy a coffee, ice tea, fruit shake, or glass of wine. They also have organic bread and sandwiches. This place is very popular with backpackers and English teachers living in the vicinity. Ití»s a great place to take a book, have a chat and relax. The only drawback is ití»s bizarre location on a narrow alley. You sometimes feel like you may get run over by a veggie truck. Other than that, the service is friendly, and the sandwiches are cheap and decent. Ití»s definetly worth a try. (557, 1F Itaewon Dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

This French restaurant which is tucked away in the alley behind the Hamilton hotel has been a hit ever since it opened. The French owner has recreated perfectly the ambience of a typical local bistro in France. This is another popular meeting place for foreigners (especially the French) and big groups of social wine drinkers. There are two starters and two main courses depending on what fresh ingredients the chef happen to get his hands on. The menu, which is written on a blackboard (very French), changes every few days. It pays to call ahead and see if you like what they are serving that evening. The cuisine is modern bistro. It`s French comfort food with a refined twist. The goat cheese salad, the tartines, and the salmon starter are favorite staples. There is also usually a beef dish which is always very good. We`ve had many terrific meals there and the atmosphere is always great. tel) 795-2465
Il Song Jung is a Korean Restaurant which is right in the middle of Itaewon dong. It's across the street from Burger King facing the supermarket underneath Geckos terrace. (look for the automatic sliding door entrance that has a lot of Korean letters on it.)
You can get the usual BB-Q items such as bulgogi, Kalbi and Samgepsal (pork). You can Also get soups like Kim Chee Chigaee, Twenjang Chigaee (a meaty soybean paste soup) and Suntubu (made with tofu) There are also Korean style pancakes made with seafood. Prices are cheap and the food is more than decent. There are real chairs in the front half of the restaurant and floor seating place in the back. The restaurant has a lot of wood and Hanji, but it definetly feels like a hole in the wall. However, the divey atmosphere actually gives the restaurant its charm. This place is very popular and serves food 24 hours a day, every day!
This little restaurant at the top of veggie hill used to be a takeaway place that was associated with Pishon Restaurant. Now, the head chef and owner (a cute lady with a bowl cut hairdo) has turned it into a full fledged dining establishment. The atmosphere is neo-european, feminine and elegant. They always have fresh flowers on the table and Norah Jones playing in the background.
The food is awesome! (albeit a bit pricey) Try the flavorful tomato soup for starters. They also have a good tomato caprese and their green salads come with a fruity vinagrette dressing. For the main course, we love the marinated Japanese beef with portobello mushrooms and rice, the peach glazed chicken, the pasta with tomato and garlic, the quiche with salad and the chicken curry. The chocolate cake is amazing for dessert. You can still takeaway if you want and they also do catering. $$$ 798-4752

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