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   Claire Carruthers
Deciding to go to another country, especially one I knew nothing about was a
stressful decision. Helen contacted me promptly from the beginning and was
such a huge help throughout the entire process. Not only did she manage to
find me a job, but she also managed to find one for my friend, where we were
able to work together. She managed to keep us calm, even through all the
craziness that goes along with applying for Visas, she even coped with our
Embassy changing the law! Helen found us both wonderful jobs, and we are
very happy with them and love the city we are in, she also remains in contact
with us to ensure that we are still happy which means a lot. Thank you very
much ESL Park and especially Helen, without you we would still be in New
   Scott Munizza
Going to a new country for the first time is usually a big change. You are not sure what to expect at all. But thanks to Rena Kim and ESL Park it was not that bad at all. Rena was always there helping me with things before I came over to Korea, whether it was with getting the paperwork done or just any questions that I might have had at all. She was so helpful when I was getting ready to leave. She even sent me a link to a site to get stuff ordered for when I first got here, and I could save space by not having to pack certain items because of it. It was really a big help for the transition into Korea.
Rena was always asking about how things were coming along and how I was doing. She became more than just a recruiter, but a friend in the process of getting me here. I have only been here for a few weeks but Rena has always been here incase I have any questions. I could not have asked for a better person to help me through this transition. Thanks Rena and ESL Park for all your help.
   Sean Snyder
Going to another country is as much exciting as it is nerve wracking. I had received a call from my recruiter Rena Kim, and she helped me TREMENOUSLY. She has a lot of insight on many of the cities and the companies here in Korea. As she gave me information on cities and the potential areas I could end up in, most of my concerns went away. She told me about some of the local attractions such as festivals, and special events that go on in the areas we were looking at. She really helped me figure out what was best for me. I ended up in a job that I love a lot, in a city that is spectacular. I really appreciate all the hard work ESLPark did for me. Thanks a lot!

   Chloe Smarr
I am happy to report back with good news. I am very happy here in Ansan. I am enjoying my job and my free time. I do not dread going to work. I look forward to Monday and the weekends. I have spent time on the Islands (Jawoldo, Deok Jeok, Daebu, Jaebu), in Seoul, in Daegu, and in and around Ansan. I have made some friends and am meeting with a Korean girl to study Korean each week. Although moving to Korea is a big change and takes some getting used to, I have enjoyed almost every minute of it. I would like to mention that the first few months I had to spend a little more money than I expected to gather the things I needed. Now, I am fully settled and have started saving and sending money home to the US.

I also wanted to add that Rena is the best recruiter anyone could wish for. Rena was so helpful, personable and friendly. Two of my co-workers had Rena as their recruiter too. My boss said he really likes ESL Park! From my personal experience and what I have heard they are the best recruiting agency around!

Thank you so much for this chance of a lifetime!


Chloe Smarr,
   Cortney Sindelar
I have had an amazing experience with ESL Park. Rena was very helpful throughout the planning process. She worked closely with me to ensure that all the steps involved in getting myself to South Korea went smoothly. It was also helpful to know that I had someone that I could count on in South Korea. She answered my emails promptly and even called me several time to insure that I received a full explanation to all my questions. She even called the cab driver that took me from the airport to my apartment, to make sure that my flight went smoothly and to see if there was anything that she could do for me. She has been a great resource to have and a pleasurable person to work with.
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