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Date :  2011-05-13 Read :  3801
 Claire Carruthers
Deciding to go to another country, especially one I knew nothing about was a
stressful decision. Helen contacted me promptly from the beginning and was
such a huge help throughout the entire process. Not only did she manage to
find me a job, but she also managed to find one for my friend, where we were
able to work together. She managed to keep us calm, even through all the
craziness that goes along with applying for Visas, she even coped with our
Embassy changing the law! Helen found us both wonderful jobs, and we are
very happy with them and love the city we are in, she also remains in contact
with us to ensure that we are still happy which means a lot. Thank you very
much ESL Park and especially Helen, without you we would still be in New
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