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Date :  2010-09-29 Read :  4658
 Chloe Smarr
I am happy to report back with good news. I am very happy here in Ansan. I am enjoying my job and my free time. I do not dread going to work. I look forward to Monday and the weekends. I have spent time on the Islands (Jawoldo, Deok Jeok, Daebu, Jaebu), in Seoul, in Daegu, and in and around Ansan. I have made some friends and am meeting with a Korean girl to study Korean each week. Although moving to Korea is a big change and takes some getting used to, I have enjoyed almost every minute of it. I would like to mention that the first few months I had to spend a little more money than I expected to gather the things I needed. Now, I am fully settled and have started saving and sending money home to the US.

I also wanted to add that Rena is the best recruiter anyone could wish for. Rena was so helpful, personable and friendly. Two of my co-workers had Rena as their recruiter too. My boss said he really likes ESL Park! From my personal experience and what I have heard they are the best recruiting agency around!

Thank you so much for this chance of a lifetime!


Chloe Smarr,
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