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 Is my employer entitled to know my medical background?
Under the Korean labour law immigration requires that you get a complete medical examination when you enter Korea -within 3 months of your first E2 entry.You must pass this medical or your visa is cancelled. Therefore it is important that you complete the compulsory self assessment medical form honestly.
if your employer later suspects you are in low health, mentally not coping, or taking drugs, he can legally request you to undergo another medical examination. Because of the adjustment to different climate, new culture and work stress some teachers may find that they have a reoccurrence of previous illnesses (eg. depression or anxiety).

Therefore, you should understand your own stress levels and 'trigger points', and should be prepared to heed warning signs and seek medical help promptly . Korean employers will be very sensitive to your 'happiness' and general health, so it is important you manage these things properly.
Our company asks that you honestly declare any previous medical mental illnesses so that we can clarify things with you and make a decision regarding how an employer would look at your medical history. This also helps us to give you relevant advice and help when you are in Korea.

You will be asked to declare to the employer (if asked) any mental history, physical disabilities or medical conditions (eg. epilepsy or diabetes) as these are medical conditions the employer must know about if they are going to employ you.
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