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 Can my partner/friend and I live together, and work at the same or different schools?
We have noticed the lack of jobs offered for couples or friends at the same school. Many schools do not not take on more then one foreign teacher because of financial reasons, lack of students, worries that couples will want their holidays at the same time or fears that couples will leave if something happens to either of them (thus leaving the school with no foreign teachers).

We have had 'up and down' times as far as couple/friends placement are concerned. We definitely find it easier if one of the couple is a trained teacher with experience. Employers will be more interested in hiring and make allowances for a highly suitable person.

The status of your relationship is also important to the employer. If you are a couple in a permanent relationship (but not married) and you are happy to 'pretend' to be married (even if you are not) then you may be treated better. Most schools have 1-4 foreign teachers and it is a huge problem if more than one teacher leaves at the same time.

You may want to work at different schools and share the same housing. In practical terms this would be impossible unless you both obtained jobs that had 'key money' for securing your own house. Very few of our placements have this type of 'key money' housing and it is usually only applicable to inner Seoul.

The housing situation is totally dependent on the employers providing for their own staff. No employer wants to provide free housing for a teacher who might be working at another school.

If an employer has a two bedroom apartment leased for his teachers then they would expect two of their own staff to live there. Although some schools do provide single studio apartments, which are suitable for couples. Also, some employers get very upset if a teacher from another school is free boarding in their housing. As well as getting free housing this teacher is probably working for the competition.

In situations where the extra person has been found there have been angry confrontations and the extra partner has been charged a rental fee applicable to the general market or asked to leave. The same policy applies to teachers allowing friends who are working illegally in the area to have free housing. In effect the teacher is subletting the director's housing without permission.

The best thing is to be extremely flexible with your requirements and requests and allow us to do our best on your behalf. We research all the factors that apply to job offers before we present them to applicants.
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