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18 How much money should I take when I go to Korea?
17 Can I speak with someone who has completed his/her contract or is teac..
16 What city/area is the best to work in?
15 Is my employer entitled to know my medical background?
14 Can I get a job somewhere other than a school?
13 How should I get paid?
12 How much can I save? What is the cost of living?
11 What are recruiters responsible for and for how long?
10 What if I want to leave my job after I have started?
9 What about the horror stories of working in Korea I have heard about?
8 I am over 40 years old. Would I get a job?
7 I am an ethnic Korean. Can I apply?
6 Are there any charges or fees I have to pay?
5 How far ahead can I apply?
4 Can I take my spouse and/or child(ren)?
3 I have a degree but my partner does not. What are our options for work..
2 Can my partner/friend and I live together, and work at the same or dif..
1 Can I get higher pay with a Master's degree/teaching diploma/TESOL?