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We accept resumes on a rolling basis and make careful but quick placements to allow you to begin teaching in South Korea as soon as you are available. In order for us to match you with a position, however, it is important that we know the exact date that you would be available. This means, you would need to have the required documents for an E-2 visa prepared for submission by the date you are available.

Those with E-2 visa documents already in South Korea, would be given greater preference by prospective employers, as the visa can be processed immediately after a contract is signed. If you would like to increase your chances of employment, (upon suggestion of your ESL Park  representative) you may have the option of sending your documents to the address stated far below:


The document package Inculdes :


1. Signed contract paper

    It is provided at the last phase.


2. Passport Photograph

     4 recent passport-sized photographs are required.

     Please ensure that you look neat and professional,as appearance is important to your prospective employer.  

     Make sure it is a good likeness of yourself as photographs will be used to identify you at the airport.


3.  Notarized and APOSTILLED photocopy of university diploma

     You will need to provide us with your original degree not the copy.

     (If you don''t want to send us the original degree, you need to send us a notarized copy from the Apostille)


4.  Medical Form - Click here to Download

     Medical form stating you are healthy to travel and teach in Korea.  

   Most importantly, the health form should state that you are not adrug-user.

   After receiving the Medical Form, you need to Send us with other visa paper or By E mail us

   with a scanned copy of this form.


5.  FBI Criminal Background check -Notarized from the APOSTILLE

   Must be issued within last 6 months by the Federal

   Must be notarized on the original criminal record check by Apostille
  Down load the attachment file based on what country you are located 
    -Criminal record and Apostille Guide for U.S Citizen

   -Criminal record and Apostille Guide for  Canadian
   -Criminal record and Apostille Guide for South African
   -Criminal record and Apostille Guide for U.K/Ireland/Scotland


6.  A Photocopy of your Passport.

   The photocopy should be of pages 2 and 3 in a Canadian Passport or the inside cover of all other Passports  

   (where your photo and information is recorded).

   Make sure that you still have a couple of years left on your passport or it might expire while you are here.

               ****** For the applicant who doesn''t have a passport. 

   If you don''t have it now, you can send me after getting the passport by e-mail later on.

   To get the passport in short term.  Please, Check out menu on For Teacher ''How to apply new passport''



  ** Prepare these docs and send us ASAP to the address below ESLPARK company. www.eslpark.com





   Shinhan nextel #1111,

   Dosun dong 14, Seoungdong gu,

   Seoul, korea

   Postal Code 133-040

   Phone : 81 2 2295 2307


 More Information eslpark@gmail.com

   If you are sending your Visa Documents, Please make sure of sending it by DHL, or  

   (Make Sure send it by secure carrier company)