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  Korean Language Study Programs

Many large universities in Korea offer Korean language programs for international students eager to learn the language. Diverse programs are tailored to suit the needs of students. Needless to say, being on a college campus, it is easy for foreign students to make friends with Korean students. Tuition and housing conditions are different at every school it is a good idea to examine many schools and pick the one is best suited for you.
 Korean Language Institutes in Korea
University Web Site
Korea University Korean Language and Culture Center http://kola.korea.ac.kr/
Konkuk University Language Institute http://kfli.konkuk.ac.kr/
Kyung Hee University Institute of International Education http://eng.iie.ac.kr/main.html
Seoul National University Language Education Institute http://language.snu.ac.kr
Sungkyun Language Institute http://web.skku.edu/sli/
Sookmyung Women''s University LinguaExpress http://lingua-express.com/kfl.html
Yonsei University Korean Language Institute http://ilre.yonsei.ac.kr/korean/en/main.asp
Ewha Language Center http://ile.ewha.ac.kr
HUFS Foreign Language Training and Testing Center http://maincc.hufs.ac.kr/~flttc/hufs/
Hanyang University International Language Institute http://www.hyili.hanyang.ac.kr/
Hongik University International Language Institute http://huniv.hongik.ac.kr/~HILEC
 Learning Korean at a Korean Language Institute

   Ewha Language Center – Miya Mayuko

Miya Mayuko (23) takes classes at the Ewha Language Center in the morning and works at a Korean company in the afternoon. She doesn''t have much time to study or get together with her classmates. On the other hand, she makes extra money, and working allows her to learn Korean faster.
Mayuko, who has a work visa, came to Korea to work in a Korean venture company. She is balancing her work with her language study, and confesses that she can learn Korean much faster than others thanks to her Korean boyfriend who works in the same office. We followed her to see how she manages to balance her career and studies.


 Yonsei University Korean Language Institute - Felix Philippen

Felix Philippen (26) was always interested in Asia, and his curiosity led him to visit Korea right after graduating from high school. He did volunteer work during his first stay, and also began learning Korean. After a year, he returned to Germany where he majored in Korean studies at Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum. Immediately after graduation, he returned to Korea.
Felix says he loves Korean food, culture and the people. He is now taking level-4 Korean classes at the Yonsei University Korean Language Institute. A KTO reporter followed him closely for a day to get a glimpse into his life in Korea.