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  Learn Korean Language
Korean Language Learn Korean Language Language Program

Put your mouse on thr word if you wan to hear thr pronunciation
 Lets Learn Korean Language (beginner)

• This program is provided by KBS World Radio.

• Have a question while you are learning Korean? Don''t worry! T2K has created a group to help!

Korean language is simple and comprehensive, and is considered one of the most scientific writing systems in the world. However, learning Korean isnt easy especially for English speakers. This section allows learners to practice Korean more easily. You can  Learn Korean  from a beginning level to a more advanced level. Also, you can practice conversations in Korean when it comes to different situations.

 Understanding the Korean Language-Click the Menu in order to listen to the sound
1. Vowels and Consonants
2. Double Vowels and Double Consonants
3. Final (consonant or consonant cluster)
4. Pronunciation Practice
5. Honorifics
6. Postpositions
7. Positives and Negatives
8. The Tense
 Upon Arrival in Korea
Chapter 1.
Basic Conversation
Chapter 2.
Upon Arrival at the Airport
Chapter 3.
At Customs
  Chapter 4.
Currency Exchange
Chapter 5.
At the Airport Information Booth
Chapter 6.
In the Taxi
Chapter 7.
At the Hotel Reservation Counter
Chapter 8.
Requesting Room Service
Chapter 9.
On the Telephone
Chapter 10.
At the Restaurant
Chapter 11.
Asking for Directions
Chapter 12.
In the Subway Part 1
Chapter 13.
In the Subway Part 2
Chapter 14.
Going Shopping Part 1 - Dongdae Mun
Chapter 15.
Going Shopping Part 2 - Insadong
Chapter 16.
At the Post Office
Chapter 17.
Taking a Tour Part 1
Chapter 18.
Taking a Tour Part 2
Chapter 19.
Renting a car
Chapter 20.
Checking on a Lost Item
 Living in Korea
Chapter 21.
Introducing Oneself
Chapter 22.
Birthday Invitation
Chapter 23.
Looking for Houses
Chapter 24.
At a Beauty Parlor
Chapter 25.
Discussing the Weather
Chapter 26.
Making an Appointment
Chapter 27.
Chapter 28.
On the Telephone
Chapter 29.
Traditional Holidays
Chapter 30.
At the Hospital