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 The Korean Alphabet : Hangeul
Hangeul was invented in 1443, during the reign of King Sejong. It is composed of 10 vowels and 14 consonants. Hangeul has 11 compound vowels, 5 glottal sounds.
The chart below represents the 24 Hangeul letters and their romanized equivalents.
''The Hunminjeongeum,'' a historical document which provides instructions to educate people on the use of Hangeul, is registered with UNESCO.
UNESCO awards a ''King Sejong Literacy Prize,'' every year in memory of the inventor of Hangeul.
Hangeul written in syllabic units made up of two, three, or four letters.
The Korean Alphabet
g, k b, p k
n s t
d, t ng, silent p
r, l j h
m ch
a o yu
ya yo eu
eo u i