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The Year 2009 has arrived and we welcome you to our new ESL Park website. As a member of the Recruitment Agency Organization of South Korea, ESL Park is one of the leading recruiting agencies that were accredited by the Korean Government. 


We have labored to set up a website where English Speakers can glean functionally and find appropriate jobs in Korea.  ESL Park staff members and associates are all foreigners or English speaking Koreans who have lived and studied abroad .  We have pooled our creative energy to share our common experiences and highlight problems we have faced while living in Korea with you.

Our staff members are here to answer your questions and serve you.  We are full accredited by the Korean government as a business entity.  We can as consultants to help you relocate find jobs teaching and translating English connect you with Koreans who speak English ease the burdens of paperwork involved with staying and working in Korea and much, much more. Think of ESL Park  as an insider ready to guide you through Korea.


Have you ever thought about working and  living in Korea?  While Korea is a very modern country similar in many ways to other western countries, it is still an unfamiliar, foreign place that you might find very difficult to get used to, because of its unique culture and language, cultural shocks and language barriers are unavoidable to those newcomers.


The language barrier especially can be a difficult one to break and even though most native Koreans, especially the younger generations speak sound English, that barrier is still strong in Korea.  We fully realize the need for information in English on Korea and our program and this website was designed to fulfil that needs.


ESL Park is designed to enrich your understanding of Korean culture and make your stay in Korea as familiar and enjoyable as possible.  We have endeavored to make our Site a useful and functional one.  Our site was designed to be all-inclusive so that you can hopefully get all the information you need about your stay in Korea on one site.  But while we are constantly updating our site and adding new information, we realize that we may never fulfill everyone needs.  If you have any suggestions or additions you would like us to make, we welcome them.


Welcome to Korea!  ESL Park is a part of your Korean experience.



ESL Park