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 NO.11082   Paul Lynch  |
 Citizenship : United States
 Date Of Birth : 10/08/1988
 Education Background and Experience
 Graduate of The Pennsylvania State University with a degree in
TEFL certificate (120 hours) from International TEFL and TESOL
Working as an English tutor with Best Teacher Inc.
 NO.11052   Sarah L DeRemer  |
 Citizenship : United States
 Date Of Birth : 09/07/1989
 Education Background and Experience
 I attended University of California, Davis, majoring in Studio Art. I
graduated in winter, and so I can provide an Education
Verification form, but won''''''''t have my printed degree until early
2013. I have most recently worked in the veterinary field, and
have experience teaching medical procedures and information
relevant to the field. I also have been tutoring a veterinarian who
recently moved to the US from Seoul. We have been working on
english grammar and speaking. In high school, I worked with
hearing impaired children, teaching them speech and drama, and
also have experience coaching.
 NO.11018   James Lee William Van Buskirk  |
 Citizenship : Canada
 Date Of Birth : 06/07/1988
 Education Background and Experience
 - Attended McMaster University and received a BA of Philosophy
- 6+ years of teaching experience as a Gymnastic Coach.
Experience coaching all ages.