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 NO.10745   travis mclean  |
 Citizenship : United States
 Date Of Birth : 00/00/1980
 Education Background and Experience
M.A. Secondary Education University of New Mexico –Expected
Fall 2012
B.S. Social Science Eastern Michigan University Sept 1999 –
May 2005

Onaway High School January 2004 - May 2004
DDD Academy Ulsan South Korea October to March 2005 -2006
Dong Shin Middle School Busan South Korea March to March
2007– 2008

location: coastal area
salary: 2.2+
student age: elementary
availability: may, june
 NO.10744   Andrew J. Wright  |
Andrew J. Wright.jpg
 Citizenship : United States
 Date Of Birth : 00/00/0000
 Education Background and Experience
Bachelor of Arts in English and American Literature, Creative
Ohio University, Athens, USA - 2009

A.R.I.S English School Gwangmyeong, Gyeonggi-do, South
Korea – 2012
• Taught reading and grammar to elementary and middle
school students
• Constantly created new ways to keep students
engaged in class while working and learning

location: Seoul
availability: May, June
student age: kindi+
salary: 2.2+
서류완료, 한국에 있음
 NO.10718   Duncan Laurence Campbell-Cave  |
Photo for SK job applications.jpg
 Citizenship : United Kingdom
 Date Of Birth : 05/01/1984
 Education Background and Experience
 I am educated to degree level. I achieved a 2.1 in BSc Econ
Criminology and Sociology at Cardiff University.

I achieved 3 A-levels and 9 GCSEs Grade A-C.

I have taught English to children in Ecuador. I have also gained
experience as a teacher in schools here in England.
 NO.10716   Benjamin Michael Gumport  |
 Citizenship : United States
 Date Of Birth : 04/12/1984
 Education Background and Experience
 University of Oregon
Political Science
 NO.10710    John-Mark C. Raddatz  |
John-Mark C. Raddatz.jpg
 Citizenship : Canada
 Date Of Birth : 00/00/1982
 Education Background and Experience
 2010 Canadian College of Educators
Mississauga, ON
TESL Degree Course Completed – 300 hr. course with 50 hr.

2001 – 2008 Tyndale University
Toronto, ON
B.A. in business administration

Kindergarten students
Played games with children, did exercises, read stories and got
children to annunciate English words properly

Middle School Students
Used visual aids such as power point to
get students to talk and discuss pictures

High School Students
Role plays and acting out scenarios
making lessons fun and exciting for high school students

University Students
Taught and explained idioms in their
cultural context.  Also covered a wide range of topics from travel
to role playing games to social issues.  Used visual aids

location: 서울만
student age: elementary+
salary: 2.2+
availability: end of May
서류완료, 현재 수원에 있음
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